Welcome to Motley Photography by Paul Cooper

It has been far too long since I updated this webpage, unfortunately being distracted by work, and also by taking more and more photos creating a huge backlog of unprocessed work. Also, I recently started volunteering with the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust as a photographer, and, now sell some of my photography through iStock. With regards to competitions I have had some minor success in the International Garden Photographer of the Year, Amateur Photographer of the Year, WexMondays, and have just received a copy of the Bird Photographer of the Year book with two of my finalist photos featured as full page spreads. My work has been published in various media and publications and is available for sale should you wish to contact me.

So this webpage does not really reflect my most recent photography, therefore, it is my intention to make updating everything a priority, especially as my web address appears in the back of the BPOTY book, but until I manage to do that please have a look at my most recent work on Flickr, or on my Twitter feed:



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